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Wockhardt Foundation has launched the 'Pronto Bio-Toilet' Programme to improve hygiene among the masses and curtail ailments caused on account of dearth of proper sanitation facilities in the country.
Owing to its wide adaptability, efficient functioning and environment friendly nature, the Bio Toilet is capable of alleviating the issues concerning open defecation in India.

The Need


60% of Indian population defecates in the open

Annually 2.4 million Indian children die of diarrhea, caused by open defecation

GOI spends INR 12 billion on rectifying ailments resulting from improper sanitation

78% girls in rural India drop out of school owing to inadequate sanitation facilities

Indian Railways spends INR 350 Crore annually on rectifying rail corrosion

Open Defecation

Only 31% of our country's population has access to proper sanitation facilities

Only 11% of the Indian rural families dispose child excretion safely

80% of children's solid excretion is left in the open or thrown into the garbage

Over 75% of our country's population has access to Mobile Phones but basic Sanitation is a remote dream!

Untreated Human Waste

Aesthetic nuisance

Contamination of food, fruits and vegetables

Organic pollution of water bodies

Diseases – Viral Gastroenteritis, Typhoid, Cholera, Jaundice, Diarrhea, Viral Hepatitis, Malaria and Chicken Gunya




Pronto Bio-Toilet is an innovative technology for disposal of solid human waste in an eco-friendly, economical and hygienic manner.


A Pronto Bio-Toilet is a complete waste management solution which reduces solid human waste to biogas and pure water, with the help of a bacterial inoculum.

The residual water from Pronto Bio-Toilet

Is colorless, odorless and devoid of any solid particles

Requires no further treatment / waste management

Can be used for irrigation purposes

The residual biogas

Pre-fabricated shelter: Toilet structure built above the ground

Bio-Digester tank: Installed below the ground
Bio Toilet Variants: Bio Toilets are available in Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or Mild Steel

Stationary Toilet (ST) Series: Customized configuration available

Mobile Toilet (MT) Series: Cluster of toilet cabins (up to 10 cabins), as per requirement, is mounted on Trailer

Each mobile toilet has a 1,000 litre Syntex Water Tank mounted on the trailer to supply water to all the cabins

How does it works?
pronto bio toilet work flow
Bio-Digestion Process
pronto bio toilet digestion process
Bio-Digestion Process

Steps involved in Installation of the Bio Toilet:

1.Tank Transportation

pronto bio toilet tank transpotation

4.Pouring of Bacteria

pouring bacteria

2.Installed Tank

pronto bio toilet installed tank

5.Installation of Pre Fabricated Toilet Shelter

pronto bio toilet

3.Toilet Pan Fixing

pronto bio toilet pan fixing

6.Completed Installation

prono bio toilet installation
  • 100% sludge – Free disposal of human waste

  • Eco Friendly - Decomposes solid waste to water and biogas

  • Eliminates need for expensive waste treatment

  • Clean discharge - The water discharged from the Pronto Bio-Toilet is colorless, odorless and devoid of solid particles

  • 100% hazard free – On a dry weight basis, 90% of the solid waste is reduced

  • 100% maintenance free – Bio-Digester tanks do not require any form of maintenance

  • No repeat dosing of bacterial inoculum

  • Easy to transport and install in any terrain

  • Plays a critical role in preventable healthcare

pronto bio toilet benifits
Household toilet
Household toilet
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School Toilet
School Toilet
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Mobile Toilet
Mobile Toilet
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pronto bio toilet


What is bio-Digester?

Bio-Digester is a decomposition mechanized toilet system which decomposes Human Excretory Waste in the digester tank using specific high graded bacteria further converting it into methane and water, discharged further to the desired surface. The Bio-digester is total maintenance-free system, which does not require any sewage system. The inoculums bacteria used in these bio-digester procreate & generate new bacteria in an anaerobic environment & does not require repeat dosing.
Pronto Bio-Toilet technology is based on anaerobic biodegradation of organic waste by unique microbial consortium and works at a wide temperature range. The bacterial consortium degrades night soil at temp as low as -20 degree C and produces colorless, odorless and inflammable gas containing 50 – 70% methane.
This bacterial consortium has been made through acclimatization, enrichment and bio-augmentation of cold-active bacteria collected from Antarctica and the other low temperature areas.

How does bio-digester work?

Bio-digesters have 3 anaerobic chambers that treat Human wastes effectively, and don't require any cleaning or emptying the tank because of its unique systematic structural arrangements.
To start with the very first chamber, where in, the Human wastes arrive from the toilet's outlet, consequently the solids drop to the bottom of the tank because of the systematic structure of the bio-digester tank and the high graded pre residing bacteria (i.e. anaerobic bacteria, which can survive in the absence of oxygen) rushes for their job (i.e. eating away organic waste and decomposing entire occurring pathogens).
When this chamber is filled, the water overflows to the second chamber where more of the same happens, except at this time most of the biological/solid/sludged matter has been left in the first chamber. When the water overflows into the third chamber, it is almost 90% clean and hence the final stage of digestion takes place. The treatment, the task of cleansing water is continuously carried forward from the start to the end point, till the water exits the bio-digester. When the treated water finally comes out from the bio-digester and into our irrigation pipelines (optional if required), it is 98% clean and free from entire pathogens. This water is now safe to be used for underground irrigation via pipes buried below the surface. However, the treated water should not be used for human or animal consumption, or for household cleaning without going through additional treatment.

Where can a Pronto Bio-Toilet be installed?

Pronto Bio-Toilet are suitable for sub zero temperature of Himalayan Region, Railway coaches, Buses, Highways, Remote areas, seaports, Mining area, Industrial areas, cities etc.

How much time will it take to install?

It is very easy and quick process to install a bio-digester because it does not require any special equipment or any kind of sewage system. It only needs to dig a trench (in accordance to the Bio-digester tank size) into the desired ground/surface and place the bio-digester tank into that trench, further fixing of inter-connections (i.e. from the commode's outlet till the Bio-digester tanks outlet).

What are the post installation services for maintenance provided?

There is no such requirement of after sales for our Pronto Bio-Toilet systems as the systems are totally maintenance free. This is why these systems are in huge demand all over the country.

What are Advantages of bio toilet?

1) It digests organic solids in an ecological way. 2) It prevents human waste and untreated water from contaminating groundwater. 3) It offers an alternative to dumping of wastes into rivers, lakes and fields in rural and semi-rural areas where there are no sewage systems. 4) The effluent (i.e. the water) can be used to water plants. 5) The effluent is cleaner, more effective and easier to use than a septic tank because it doesn't need to be further cleaned or emptied. 6) The effluent is odorless, non obnoxious, colorless as compared to the end products of the toilets being used these days. 7) It doesn't require the work and energy involved in relocating composting toilets every year.



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